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Recent Letter

THANK YOU for all your time and patience on this project. Dave went to great effort to help us sort out financing for this project. Keith had several good suggestions from start to finish. Randy's crew did a great job, cleaned up well and go the extra distance to make it easy to deal with. Barb, thanks so much for helping us through the intial phase for our office set up. We are encouraged and already looking to prepare a site for a 3rd building and look forward to working with you all.

Mike and Leah Howk, Bloomfield, Iowa


tl_files/pellabuildings/images/template/pella_logo_100.pngHave you considered owning a Self Storage Facility as an investment, or perhaps starting one as a business of your own?

With over 28 years experience in the Self Storage Industry, Pella Building Systems in Pella, Iowa is the industry's leader in self storage design, construction, systems, and front end operations.  With a proven reputation for excellence, Pella Building Systems is committed to providing turn-key solutions to clients who want to develop, own, or operate a self storage facility.

We've found that the Self Storage Facility industry is a proven and reliable business that is frequently overlooked by not just those wanting to start their own business, but also by successful and sophisticated investors.  With expected Return on Investments after net expenses in the 30 - 40 percent range, a self storage facility can be an attractive investment opportunity! 

In today's market, self storage facilities tend to be solid and consistent cash flow generators.  With low acquisition, maintenance and payroll costs, the modern self storage facility with automated security systems can be a real winner even for the novice business owner!  We have the experience in the self storage facility market to help you get into this business, and even obtain financing, with the goal of having your own Self Storage Facility as a business opportunity!

From start to finish Pella Building Systems can assist you with every step of the business startup process, from business plan, to sourcing funds for your new business, concrete pad pour...to building erection and installation of management and security systems for the new site's front end operations. Whether your project is the dream of owning your own business, or you've got an existing facility that you want to expand in phases, Pella Building Systems can help you!

By using top quality, low maintenance materials and systems, with flexible designs that can be adapted to any property, you have the assurance of working with a company that has both the experience and dedication to bring your project to successful completion on time and within budget.  Here at Pella Building Systems we take pride in our work, and the job is not complete until it is finished to your specifications and expectations.

When you're thinking about building, selling or buying a self storage facility as an investment opportunity, or starting your own business, think Pella!


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